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Representation in Brussels

With a strong team and an efficient branch representation in Brussels, Oesterreichs Energie guarantees that the voice of Österreichs E-Wirtschaft is also heard at EU level and that decisions are taken for benefit of the industry.

The office in Brussels is the central point of contact for European energy, climate protection and environmental policy and acts as an interface between the headquarters of Oesterreichs Energie in Vienna and our member companies on the one hand, and the European institutions and associations on the other. Through legislative monitoring and ongoing networking, the EU Office develops a productive and trusting relationship with decision-makers in Brussels, enabling optimal and timely information on all relevant EU legislative proposals for Oesterreichs Energie in Vienna and its member companies.

This enables Oesterreichs Energie and its members to respond appropriately to any legislative changes, proposals for regulations or directives and bring the views of Österreichs E-Wirtschaft – in turn, with the support of the EU office – into the legislative process in due time. Oesterreichs Energie is also in close cooperation and consultation with the respective national electricity associations and the European umbrella organisations of the electricity industry, and in particular with EURELECTRIC.

As the umbrella organisation of the European electricity industry, which also includes Oesterreichs Energie as a representative of the Austrian electricity industry, EURELECTRIC makes a significant contribution to the development and competitiveness of the industry. Since its members include leading European associations, EURELECTRIC is a globally recognised strategic know-how and lobbying centre of the electricity industry and represents the entire European electricity industry as the only European lobby vis-à-vis the institutions of the European Union.

EURELECTRIC advocates:

  • CO2-neutral power supply by 2050
  • Market-based solutions for a cost-efficient supply
  • Increasing energy efficiency and electrification to mitigate climate change

Oesterreichs Energie has also been registered in the EU Transparency Register since 2010 (registration number: 80966174852-38). By registering, Oesterreichs Energie has committed itself to following a uniform code of conduct for dealing and cooperating with the European institutions such that an open, fair and transparent dialogue with the political decision-makers can be conducted.


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