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Energy efficiency – General information for household customers

Energy efficiency – a popular buzzword. The spectrum doesn’t just range from European directives to national regulations. Every single household has to ask itself the question, “Which measures are actually beneficial and when should they be applied?” Energy efficiency not only refers to protecting the environment and climate, but it also has a positive impact on the household budget.

Power consumption: Increasing prosperity vs. efforts to be more efficient

The point of departure is more than a little challenging because the trend is clearly for households to have more and more electrical appliances. Think of the consumer electronics industry alone, such as flat-screen TVs or game consoles, laptops and tablets, powerful freezers, dryers and steamers.

The bigger the house the greater the demand for heating; the number of vehicles per user increases as the mobility sector grows. What’s more, the trend of owning multiple electronic devices (TV, PC/laptop, (mobile) phone, etc.) has increased significantly in recent years.

Important areas in which energy efficiency measures can be helpful are therefore:

  • Personal and goods traffic,
  • Heating and cooling,
  • and the use of energy-efficient equipment.

Energy efficiency refers to the responsible use of energy.

Energy efficiency helps to counteract the growing energy consumption and, if possible, without making life less comfortable.

Energy services – get some advice!

The current consumption, especially in the case of power consumption, is displayed on each bill as a comparison to the previous year’s consumption –  often using graphs or charts. This is a good way to check the current level of consumption and a potential kick-starter for the adoption of other measures such as online energy checks and getting on-site energy advice.

On your energy supplier’s website you will find information and specific offers for energy services:

  • Device exchange campaigns with special promotions and coupon promotions
  • Funding of optimised heating systems, in particular, heat pumps
  • Consumption measurements, on-site energy consultation and online energy checks
  • Tips for working out which devices are power guzzlers
  • Guide for thermal rehabilitation and new constructions
  • Heating costs calculator
  • Energy demand calculator
  • Tariff consulting for water heating
  • Advice on obtaining the energy certificate for your house or flat
  • A variety of energy-saving tips on how to run an energy-efficient household, ranging from cooking to refrigeration and freezing, efficient washing and drying, to efficient lighting and home ventilation

The activities and services of Oesterreichs Energie member companies are constantly being expanded and offer a wide range of possibilities for each individual member.