Oesterreichs Energie Research & Innovation

Oesterreichs Energie Research & Innovation

Oesterreichs Energie Research & Innovation (Oesterreichs Energie Forschung & Innovation) was founded in 1991 under the name EFG (Energieforschungsgemeinschaft der österreichischen Elektrizitätswirtschaft) and initiates and coordinates projects in the interests of Österreichs E-Wirtschaft. This applies to all levels of electricity conversion, use, transmission and distribution, trade and sales, in technical, legal, social and health terms.

This overall research activity complements the activities of each member company. In addition, cooperations with international committees are initiated and joint international research and development is coordinated.

Oesterreichs Energie Research & Innovation also advises on national and international funding, participation in funding programmes of the European Union and other international organisations.

Furthermore, studies and opinions are being awarded and, since 2008, scientific papers (e.g. diploma theses, dissertations, master theses) by students related to the energy/electricity industry have been sponsored. Since 2010, joint tenders have been carried out with the OVE (Austrian Electrotechnical Association) for the awarding of diploma theses, dissertations, etc.

Guidelines and research priorities

The goal of Oesterreichs Energie Research & Innovation is to present the latest level of knowledge regarding technological development in the field of energy and environment in terms of the sustainable management of resources of the energy and ecosystem. The findings should be available to members and the interested public but also to other bodies as well.

The main areas of research are:
Environmentally friendly and greenhouse gas reducing energy systems, including renewable energy sources.
Economic, socio-economic and environmental aspects of energy for sustainable development.
Pursuit of the energy and electricity industry framework in the national and international context.