About us

Oesterreichs Energie. Because energy is in our nature.

Oesterreichs Energie is the lobbying and advocacy group for Österreichs E-Wirtschaft. It represents the common interests of the industry with regard to politics, administration and the public.

Competence and expertise form a solid foundation by which interests are balanced within the industry. In this way, Oesterreichs Energie is committed to ensuring that the electric economy has the best possible framework to fulfil its tasks such that the challenges of the future can be tackled in the best possible manner.

Oesterreichs Energie regularly works with national and international policymakers to represent its members’ energy policy interests. The legal, regulatory, technical and economic frameworks of the deregulated electricity market are jointly developed in working groups with the relevant ministries as well as the regulatory authority.

Founded in 1953 as Verband der Elektrizitätswerke Österreichs (Association of Austrian Electricity Plants) and later renamed Verband der Elektrizitätsunternehmen (Association of Electricity Companies), the lobbying and advocacy group for Österreichs E-Wirtschaft has been called "Oesterreichs Energie” (Austria's Energy) since May 2010 and confidently heads up the programme which deals with Austria’s energy supply for the coming decades.

Around 140 member companies

Oesterreichs Energie currently represents around 140 member companies. With just under 20,000 employees, the member companies generate more than 90 per cent of Austria's electricity with a bottleneck capacity of over 23,000 MW and an annual output of around 65 TWh, of which 75.6 per cent is derived from renewable sources.

Collective agreement partner

An important function of Oesterreichs Energie is to fulfil its responsibilities on the employer side in its capacity as a collective agreement partner. The collective agreements for the workers and employees of the electricity companies regulate the wages, salaries and labour conditions for approximately 16,000 workers and employees. The collective agreement partners on the employee side are the “Produktionsgewerkschaft” (Trade Union for Production Workers) – PRO-GE – and the "Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten Druck Journalismus, Papier" (Union of Private Sector Employees, Printing, Journalism, and Paper) – GPA DJP. The wage and salary negotiations take place annually. The start date is usually the 1st of February.