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About Oesterreichs Energie

Oesterreichs Energie, Main Building, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Since 1953, Oesterreichs Energie has represented the combined interests of the electricity industry vis-à-vis political and administrative partners as well as the general public. As the coordinating center for adressing issues involving energy, Oesterreichs Energie works closely with political institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations and provides a voice for the power industry in communicating with its customers.

Oesterreichs Energie brings together some 140 member power utilities; combined, these generate over 90 percent of Austria‘s electricity and are responsible for the country‘s power transportation and distribution.
With a workforce of nearly 21 000, the member companies in 2013 produced about 65 billion kilowatt hours, almost 65 percent of which was generated from sustainable hydropower resources.

Electricity generation structure in Austria and key figures

Electricity generation structure, Austria, hydropower, wind and photovoltaic power, biogenic fuel

Generation structure, status 2013:
The generation structure indicates which sources produce electricity in a particular market area. In Austria, the majority of electricity, more than 75 percent in total, is generated by renewable energies such as hydropower and biogenic fuels as well as wind and photovoltaic power. About one fifth of the power production comes from highefficiency thermal power plants, in particular, natural gasfired plants.

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Composition of Power Prices in Austria

Composition of Power Prices in Austria

The electric bill is much more than just a list of costs. It provides important information about consumption and individual consumption habits, and offers reference points for energy savings. At the same time, you learn what else you pay for together with your electricity. The energy portion of your power bill is only 37 percent of the entire amount. Grid fees make up 26 percent; taxes make up a further 37 percent.

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Average monthly household expenses

Average monthly household expenses, Austria

Average monthly household expenses in Austria amount to 2 910 euros. Of this, 26 percent is allotted to the category “housing and housing expenses,” followed by “transportation” with 15 percent. “Energy” amounts to only about 4.7 percent of household expenses. Only 2.2 percent of household expenses are spent on electricity. That amounts to about 60 euros monthly; that is less than an average household spends on alcohol and cigarettes monthly.